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Alamin ISLAM's view on the ongoing conflict between Palestine & Israel || Monday, October 9, 2023;

Palestine is a well-known country located in the Southern Levant region of West Asia. We often see violence between Israel and Palestine. With the help of Balfour Declaration by British government in 1917, the so called state, Israel was established in the homeland of Palestine in 1948. There was no existence of the so called state (Israel) before 1948.

Since the time when I started learning about the ongoing facts, I have been noticing aggressions in Palestine by Israel. I don’t refuse that Palestine/Hamas don’t attack Israel at all but In most cases, we see aggressions by Israel. As a student of political science, I believe if a country get attacks, It has the rights to defend itself. Palestinians do so.

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If you search on YouTube with these keywords: You are stealing my house. “If I don’t steal it, someone else is gonna steal it, you will have an idea about how Jewish settlers are occupying the land of Palestine gradually. Thief steals household goods but Jews steal homes of the Palestinians.

We don’t see any news about their occupation in the so called international media except Al Jazeera. Everyday Israeli troops as well as civilians conduct their so called operations against Palestinians to occupy their land inch by inch. But we don’t see any news about that in the so called international media.

They conduct their operation everyday and they arrest whoever they want. They installed a large number of 360 degree closed circuit cameras everywhere even inside the houses of Palestinians to track them. Israel has other types of digital surveillance technologies they abuse against Palestine. I feel this is NOT the way to survive in this modern world !!!

I saw some reports about the cruelty of Israeli authorities. Their special prison for Palestinians are run out space and they have built underground prison where there is no light, prisoners often face either physical or mental tortures in the underground torture cells.

Captive Palestinians are NOT allowed to shower. Even they don’t receive enough food to survive and so on_____ This types of cruelty is clearly against humanity but the world leaders and so called United Nations don’t take any initiatives to stop Israeli cruelty and occupation for their own interests.

This time something different has happened by the attack of Hamas against Israel. Now we see those media have started publishing news with a type of keywords in their title like Terrorist, Massacre, Militant Group, Unprecedented Attack, Surprise Attack, Hostage, Kidnap and many more_____ When Israel attacks, they don’t use this type of words in their title. They use some kind of keywords like “Israeli operation for peace against terrorism” and even in most cases they don’t publish any news about the so called operations by Israeli troops.

When Israeli soldiers arrest any Palestinians, they call it arrest, and when Palestinian soldiers arrest any Israelis, they use the word “Kidnap/Hostage” !!. When Israel attacks, they attack for peace!! On the other hand, when Palestine defend itself from occupying, they do terrorism, is it ???

The Bottom Line: Is it really make sense Israel tries to retain peace by occupying Palestine’s land ???

Monday, October 9, 2023 | Alamin Islam | আমার কলম চলবেই____

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