English Grammar-58

প্রশ্ন: Dessert is —
a. Course of fruits et
c. at the end of a meal
b. Barren land
c. Go away from
d. To be rewarded
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: I should appreciate if you complete this work — Thursday.
a. till
b. until
c. upto
d. by
উত্তর: d

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প্রশ্ন: Complete the sentence : He talks as if ———?
a. he was mad
b. he were mad
c. he had been mad
d. he is mad
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: What is the antonym of ‘Apostate’ ?
a. Loyalist
b. Cancellation
c. Poverty
d. Believe
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: I prefer working —- a deadlin
a. to
b. for
c. on
d. with
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: The word ‘Plight’ means-
a. An unpleasant condition
b. An unusual condition
c. An undesirable condition
d. An unstable condition
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: ‘Expound’ is similar to –
a. confound
b. perplex
c. explain
d. obscure
e. none
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: Fill in the blank with right option: I am looking forward — you.
a. to seeing
b. seeing
c. to see
d. to have seen
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: The lady is not amenable — reason. বাক্যের শূণ্যস্থানে সঠিক শব্দ বসবে —
a. on
b. to
c. for
d. of
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: What is the antonym of the word ‘narrow’ ?
a. Deep
b. Broad
c. Shallow
d. Rough
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: The antonym of “Hazardous” is –
a. Certain
b. Clear
c. Safe
d. Dangerious
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: ‘Percel’ means-
a. Quarrel
b. Piece of land
c. Postage
d. Unobstructed view
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Hell শব্দের অর্থ-
a. ঊর্ধ্ব
b. স্বর্গ
c. অধঃ
d. নরক
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: What is the meaning of the word ‘Sequence’?
a. To follow
b. Round up
c. Withdraw
d. Question closely
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: You are dull —– hearing.
a. after
b. in
c. by
d. of
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Which of the following set contain the correct meaning ?
a. Antipathy : Strong dislike
b. Bequeath : Determined to go
c. Collide : Indifferent
d. Devolve : Without
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: It is who — to blame বাক্যের শূণ্যস্থানে সঠিক শব্দ বসবে-
a. was
b. is
c. are
d. has
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: The correct synonym of the word ‘Astute’ is –
a. Autistic
b. Shrewd
c. Economic
d. Acute
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: He is devoid — common sens
a. of
b. from
c. introduction
d. at
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: The synonym of ‘Desultory’ is –
a. Organized
b. Disorganized
c. Drive
d. Methodical
e. Romantic
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Travellers —— their reservation well in advance if they want to fly during the Eid holidays.
a. had better to get
b. had to get better
c. had better get
d. had better got
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: ‘edifice’ means –
a. huge quantity
b. serious problem
c. a large imposing building
d. superficial
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: ‘Enunciate’ is most nearly similar in meaning to –
a. pray
b. request
c. deliver
d. mumble
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: The word ‘homogeneous’ means —
a. Of the same kind
b. Of the same place
c. Of the same race
d. Of the same dencity
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: The government gave — the demands of the peopl
a. in to
b. in
c. to
d. over to
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: A synonym for ‘Appraise’ is –
a. Explain
b. Perceive
c. Elaborate
d. Criticize
e. None of these
উত্তর: e

প্রশ্ন: “exact” is the antonym of –
a. nearly
b. approximate
c. closely
d. so so
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: In space , the primary necessities —- survival are air, food and water.
a. of
b. for
c. about
d. in
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: The word ‘Decade’ means-
a. Rotten objects
b. Decaying old age
c. A group of ten people
d. A period of ten years
উত্তর: b

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