English Literature-18

প্রশ্ন: Who is considered to be the Rebel poet in English Literature ?
a. Walter Scott
b. Lord Byron
c. John Keats
d. John Austin
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Gulliver’s Travels পুস্থকটির রচয়িতা কে ?
a. John Milton
b. Jonathan Swift
c. Charles Dickens
d. Jane Austin
উত্তর: b

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প্রশ্নঃ “Frailty the name is woman’ — is a famous dialogue from.
ক. Christopher Marlow

খ. Johns Webstar
গ. W. Shakespeare
ঘ. T.S. Eliot
উত্তরঃ গ

প্রশ্ন: Poet Alexander Pope’s famous work —
a. Rape of the Lock
b. Spectator
c. The Deserted Village
d. Man was made to mourn
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্নঃ Riders to the sea is—
ক. an epic poem

খ. a novella
গ. a one act-play
ঘ. a theatrical adaptationof a poem
উত্তরঃ গ

প্রশ্ন: Who said ‘An unexamined life is not worth living’ ?
a. Socrates
b. Plato
c. Aristotle
d. Zeno
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: A lexicographer is a person who writes-
a. Novels
b. Dictionaries
c. Graphs
d. Medical books
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: রবীন্দ্রানাথ ঠাকুরের ‘গীতাঞ্জলী’ -এর ইংরেজি অনুবাদ কে করেন ?
a. W.B Yeats
b. John Keats
c. Robert Frost
d. Ralph Hodgson
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: A Shakespearean play consists of–
a. three acts
b. two acts
c. five acts
d. one acts
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: ‘I have — that one day this nation will live out the true meaning of its creed that all men are created equal.’
a. desire
b. hope
c. dream
d. wish
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: All the world’s stage, And all the man and women mrely players , The have their exits and their entrance, And each man in his time plays many parts, His act being seven ages’ – These lines are written by –
a. Oliver goldsmith
b. Alfred Tennyson
c. William shakespeare
d. D.H. Lawrence
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: Leo Tolstoy is a —- novelist.
a. British
b. German
c. French
d. Russian
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: T.S. Eliot is a —- poet.
a. romantic
b. victorian
c. modern
d. post modern
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: ১৭৯৮-১৮৩০ সাল পর্যন্ত সময়কে ইংরেজি সাহিত্যের কোন কাল বলা হয় ?
a. The Renaissance Period
b. The Elizabeth age
c. The Restoration Period
d. The Romantic Age
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Who was a statesman but awarded noble prize in English literature ?
a. Stalin
b. Nixon
c. Churchil
d. Rosevelt
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: Moby Dick কিসের কাহিনী ?
a. Acrcodile
b. A whale
c. A shark
d. A menmaid
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: ‘Renaissance’ means –
a. the revival of learning
b. the revival of hard task
c. the revival of life
d. the revival of new country
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: Shakespeare was famous for all but one of the followings :
a. Comedies
b. Bourgeois drama
c. Trangedies
d. Tragio-drama
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: In ‘The solitary Reaper’ what does the word solitary mean ?
a. Unhappy
b. Humble
c. Busy
d. Lonely
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Who is the composer of ‘Paradise Lost’ ?
a. John Keats
b. Lord Byron
c. S.T. Colerdge
d. John Milton
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: ইংরেজি ভাষায় প্রথম অভিধান কে রচনা করেন ?
a. Samuel johnson
b. Iazak Walton
c. Samuel Butler
d. Sir Thomas Browne
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: ‘The Canterbury Tales’ is as alive and —- today as it was nearly 600 years ago.
a. appealing
b. fruitful
c. repelling
d. enhancing
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: A.S. Hornby is famous for — ?
a. writing poems
b. writing dictionaries
c. writing songs
d. writing text books
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: “Paradise Lost ” attempted to —
a. Justify the ways of man to Go
b. Justify the ways of God to man.
c. Show that the satan and God have equal power.
d. Explain why good and evil are necessary
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Dr. Zivago বইটি কার লেখা ?
a. Boris Pasternak
b. Leo Tolstoy
c. Rabindranath Tagore
d. Dante
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: T.S. Eliot is an English poet who is famous for his sensuousness. Who do T.S stand for ?
a. Thomas Stearns
b. Thompson Simson
c. Thomas Stewart
d. Thomas Stephen
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: Who is the greatest modern English dramatist ?
a. Verginia woolf
b. George Bernard Shaw
c. P.B. Shelley
d. S.T. Coleridge
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Who is the author of “India Wins Freedom” ?
a. Mahatma Gandi
b. J.L . Nehru
c. Abul Kalam Azad
d. Moulana Akram Khan
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: William Shakespeare is the author of–
a. Paradise Lost
b. Old Man & The Sea
c. Daffodils
d. King Lear
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Brick Lane is written by —?
a. Monica Ali
b. R.K. Narayan
c. Harold Pinter
d. Elizabeth Bowen
উত্তর: a

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