English Literature-03

প্রশ্ন: Charles Dickens is a great —?
a. Poet
b. Critic
c. Play-Wright
d. Novelist
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Who is considered to be the father of English novel ?
a. Francis Bacon
b. Geoffery Chaucer
c. King Alfred the Great
d. Henry Fielding
উত্তর: d

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প্রশ্ন: ‘Moby Dick’ deals with –
a. a Shark
b. a Crocodile
c. a Sea -Gull
d. a While
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্নঃ “A Passage to India” is written by–
ক. E.M. Forster
খ. Rudyard Kipling
গ. Galls Worthy
ঘ. A.H. Auden
উত্তরঃ ক

প্রশ্ন: ‘All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand’ is a quotation from –
a. Hamlet
b. Othelo
c. King Lear
d. Macbeth
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Tennyson wrote –
a. The Lotos Eaters
b. Dover Beach
c. My Last Dutchess
d. The Eve of St. Agnes
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: Who is called the ‘poet of Nature’ in English literature ?
a. Lord Byron
b. John Keats
c. William Wordsworth
d. P.B. Shelley
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: ঈশ্বরচন্দ্র বিদ্যাসাগরের ‘ভ্রান্তবিলাস’ কোন গ্রন্থের অনুবাদ?
a. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
b. Doll’s House
c. Macbeth
d. The Comedy of Errors
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Author of ‘The Time Machine’ is –
a. T.S. Eliot
b. Thomas Kdy
c. Robert Herrick
d. H.G. Wells
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: What is catastrophy ?
a. The comical end of dramatic events
b. The tragic end of dramatic events
c. The comic tragic end of the play
d. None of the above
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্নঃ ‘Child is the father of a man’ is taken from the poem of–
ক. W. Wordsworth
খ. S.T. Coleridge
গ. P.B. Shelley
ঘ. A.C. Swinburne
উত্তরঃ ক

প্রশ্ন: “Full many flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air”- কোন কবির কবিতা থেকে নেয়া হয়েছে?
a. P.B. Shelley
b. William Wordsworth
c. Thomas Gray
d. John Keats
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: Who is considered to be the father of English Poem?
a. William Langland
b. Thomas More
c. Roger Bacon
d. Geoffery Chaucer
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Who wrote Madame Bovary ?
a. Leo Tolstoy
b. James Joyce
c. E . M . Forster
d. Gustave Flaubert
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Who compiled the first English Dictionary ?
a. Adam Smith
b. Dr. Johnson
c. Edmund Burke
d. Edward Gibbon
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: One of the following authors, one is French. Who is he ?
a. Sir Asther Doyle
b. W. Somerset Maugham
c. Edward Fitzerald
d. Alexander Dumas
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: The rainbow is —?
a. a poem by Wordsworth
b. a short story by Somerset Maugham
c. a novel by D. H . Lawrence
d. a verse by Coleridge
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্নঃ William Shakespeare was born in –
ক. 1616
খ. 1664
গ. 1564
ঘ. 1493
উত্তরঃ গ

প্রশ্ন: ‘Othelia’ is an important character in the Shakespearean play-
a. Macbeth
b. The Tempest
c. Hamlet
d. King Lear
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: The meaning of the word ‘Euphemism’?
a. Vague idea
b. In offensive expression
c. a sonnet
d. Wise saying
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Who wrote the world famous tragic play ‘King Lear’?
a. G.B. Shaw
b. William Shakespeare
c. Christopher Marlowe
d. John Milton
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: ‘To err is human , to forgive is divine’ — is written by –
a. A. Tennyson
b. W. Blake
c. J. Milton
d. Alexander Pope
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: ‘The Canterbury Tales’ are told by —?
a. Geofray Chaucer
b. John Wyclif
c. Boccaccio
d. Thomas Barth
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: Who is called the poet of poets ?
a. Geoffrey Chaucer
b. Edmund Spenser
c. Thomas Kyd
d. William Shakespeare
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Who described ‘Moana lisa as’ older the rocks among which she sit’s ?
a. Jane Austen
b. Shakespeare
c. Walter Pater
d. Bertrand Russel
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: In what year did Shakespeare died ?
a. 1570 AD
b. 1580 AD
c. 1630 AD
d. 1616 AD
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Which poetry is written by sir Walter Scott ?
a. Patriotism
b. The patriot
c. A Frosty Night
d. All of the above
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: Which one of the following does not mean ‘a road’?
a. Alley
b. Boulevard
c. Track
d. Lagoon
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: The novel ‘Roots’ was written by –
a. Hsnry miller
b. H.G Wells
c. Alex Haley
d. P.B. Shelley
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: Who said “An unexamined life is wrong living”?
a. Socrates
b. Plato
c. Artistotle
d. Zeno
উত্তর: a

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