English Grammar-43

প্রশ্ন: A synonym of ‘Plight’ is –
a. Air travel
b. Suffering
c. Fall
d. Cruise
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Antonym of ‘Wax” is –
a. Peace
b. Wane
c. Cruel
d. Agree
উত্তর: b

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প্রশ্ন: বাংলায় “ছড়া” শব্দের ইংরেজী —
a. Poem
b. Poetry
c. Lyric
d. Rhyme
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: The ‘anthropology’ is related to —
a. Music
b. Philosophy
c. The study of mathemitics
d. The study of mankind
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: The meaning of the word ‘Obese’ is-
a. Very fat
b. Ugly
c. Tardy
d. Obnoxious
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: The English took them for Egyptians means –
a. The English considered them to be Egyptians
b. The English took them to the Egyptians
c. The English were taken in by the Egyptians
d. The English brought them as far as to Egypt
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: EXCESS is most nearly similar in meaning to –
a. Durable
b. Exploit
c. Continuous
d. Surplus
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: ‘Deformed’ শব্দটির synonym হচ্ছে –
a. Crippled
b. Beautiful
c. Determine
d. Hansome
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: He won a victory — his rivals.
a. over
b. against
c. from
d. off
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: The Queen is said — Australia next year .
a. to have visited
b. to visit
c. to be visiting
d. that she will visit
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: ‘I help you ‘. Here help implies –
a. Promise
b. Threat
c. Command
d. Simple futurity
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: Choose the alternatives that best replace the underlined words in the following sentences. In Bangladesh, gender discrimination deters population control and poverty alleviation.
a. justify
b. impede
c. progress
d. help
e. stimulate
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Choose the answer that is closest in meaning to the following sentence:”Despite the great difference in size,shape and function,all human cells have the same 46 chromosomes”.
a. All human cells are the same becsuse the 46 chrosomes govern size, shape and function
b. Difference in size , shape and function are not very great because all human cells have the same 46 chromosomes
c. The size ,shape and function of human cells are the same ,but 46 chromosomes are different.
d. Although the 46 chromosomes are the same in all human cells, there are difference in the size , shape and function.
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Had I been a millionare I (establish) a hospital.
a. established
b. would have established
c. would established
d. would have been established
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: I don’t think you will have any difficulty — a driving licens
a. to get
b. in getting
c. for getting
d. get
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: The antonym of ‘Organize’ is –
a. gathering
b. seattering
c. dispersing
d. disorganize
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: Choose the correct antonym for the word ‘Inane’ –
a. Mellow
b. Wise
c. Intoxicated
d. Silent
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Now a days many villages are lit —- Electricity.
a. with
b. by
c. from
d. on
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Manifesto’ means-
a. various form
b. manifold thing
c. policy statement
d. well behaved
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: The word ‘Rendezvous’ means-
a. An appointed meeting place for troops
b. An appointed meeting place for teachers
c. An appointed meeting place for political leaders
d. An appointed meeting place for students
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: ‘Superstitious’ means-
a. যাদুবিদ্যা
b. কুসংস্কারচ্ছন্ন
c. সেতুবন্ধন
d. উপাসনা
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: She has great fondness —- classical musi
a. of
b. for
c. in
d. with
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: First language means the —languag
a. important
b. main
c. natural
d. official
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: What is the general term for psychological treatment –
a. Psycholog
b. Pshchopathy
c. Psychotherapy
d. Psychoanalysis
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: He was debarred form — the the examination.
a. taking
b. sitting
c. appearing
d. regard
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: Which of the following is a meaning of the word ‘entrance ‘ ?
a. constrict
b. relevant
c. unearth
d. access
e. discover
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: It was more than he could bear . A synonym for ‘Bear’ is –
a. Have
b. Get
c. Find
d. Endure
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: The synonym of ‘Insane’ is –
a. Stupid
b. Crazy
c. Senseless
d. Indolent
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: ”Raj wasn’t the paragon of virtue Rashida had expected” means –
a. Rashida was disappointed in Raj
b. Rashida was happy with Raj
c. Rashida was not disappointed in Raj
d. Rashida approved of Raj
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: We should not depend —- others.
a. by
b. in
c. on
d. with
উত্তর: c

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