English Grammar-33

প্রশ্ন: What is the word of the proverb – ‘Handsome is that handsome —-‘
a. works
b. thinks
c. does
d. means
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: Choose the correct sentence :
a. Quote this poem from memory
b. Quote this poem from heart
c. Quote this poem from the memory
d. Quote this poem from the heart
উত্তর: a

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প্রশ্ন: Choose the appropriate meaning of the idiom : Mowlana abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani ‘done yeoman’s service’ to the country .
a. An adventurous servic
b. Render a valuable servic
c. Render an ordinary servic
d. Agitable the peopl
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Point out the correct meaning of the phrase ‘ fits and starts’.
a. at irregular intervals
b. at regular intervals
c. suddenly
d. at high speed
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: Fill in the gaps with appropriate idiom phrase : I know nothing about the language , it is all — to me .
a. English
b. Bengali
c. Greek
d. Hindi
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: A ‘bull market’ means that share prices are —
a. falling
b. rising
c. moving
d. static
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: Select the correct sentenc
a. I am a man of words
b. I am a man of the words
c. I am a man of the word
d. I am a man of word
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: The saying ‘enough is enough’ is used when you want –
ক. something to continue
খ. something to stop
গ. something to continue until it’s enough
ঘ. to tell instructions are clear
উত্তরঃ খ

প্রশ্ন: The expression a slow coach means –
a. an untrained coach
b. a dull fellow
c. a bad companion
d. a lost guy
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: The correct meaning of “a bird’s eye view”
a. a false hope
b. a cursory glance
c. eye witness
d. a false story
e. sharpness
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: ‘Let us call it a day ‘ means –
a. let us stop
b. let us call during the day
c. it is day time
d. the day is yet to end
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: Identify the incorrect word/phrase indicated by quote in the following sentenc
e. The “firing” of bricks and tiles “for use” in the “build” industry requires large “amounts” of fuel.
ক. firing
খ. for use
গ. build
ঘ. amounts
উত্তরঃ গ

প্রশ্ন: Kith and kin এর অর্থ কি ?
a. পাড়া পড়শি
b. আত্মীয় স্বজন ( family & friends )
c. বাবা – মা
d. ভাই – বোন
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: He could not attend the meeting — of illness.
a. on account
b. on the plea
c. on the eve
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: ‘ Tooth and nail ‘ means –
a. strongly
b. mouth wash
c. everything
d. None of the above
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: ‘Hard and fast’ – phrase টির অর্থ কি ?
a. Difficult
b. Fixed
c. Easy matter
d. Loose
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: ‘Read between the lines’ means —- ?
a. read carelessly
b. read critically
c. read superficially
d. reas to get pleasure
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: A man whose wife has died is called a –
ক. widow
খ. widower
গ. spinster
ঘ. bachelor
উত্তরঃ খ

প্রশ্ন: ‘Empty vessels sound much.’ -এর সমার্থক প্রবাদ বাক্য কোনটি ?
a. All that glitters is not gold
b. A little learning is a dangerious thing
c. Haste makes waste
d. Barking dogs seldom bite
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: The meaning of ‘In black and white’ is –
a. In writing
b. Temporary
c. False
d. Verbally
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: “Dog days” means –
a. A period of misfortune
b. A period of having youthful flings
c. Hot weather
d. A period of being carefree
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: To read between the lines —– ?
a. to concentrate
b. to suspect
c. to read carefully
d. to grasp the hidden meaning
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: ‘to nurse a grudge’
a. to bear ill will
b. to look after carefully
c. to be feverish
d. to be ready to cure
উত্তর: a

প্রশ্ন: ‘To read between the lines’ means –
a. To read carefully
b. To read only some lines
c. To read quickly to save time
d. To read carefully to find out any hidden meaning
উত্তর: d

প্রশ্ন: The good old days have gone —-?
a. never returned
b. never return
c. never to return
d. never have returned
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: What do you mean by the phrase ‘Sit on the fence ‘ ?
a. watch over the fence
b. sit idly
c. remain neutral in a dispute
d. sit on a height
উত্তর: c

প্রশ্ন: If you ‘give me a hand’ them, then I shall be able to finish more quickly.
a. take my hand
b. take my fingers
c. pick me up
d. pull me up
e. help me
উত্তর: e

প্রশ্ন: The manager ‘looked into’ the matter.
a. Take decision
b. Investigate
c. Neglect
d. Taking care
e. None of these
উত্তর: b

প্রশ্ন: ‘The pros and cons ‘ – phrase টির অর্থ কি ?
a. Good and evil
b. For and against a thing
c. Foul and fair
d. Former and latter
উত্তর: a

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