What I do

After working with many companies I felt to do something for our people who want to learn something to support themself and contribute to the national economy by earning foreign currency. Lots of people send me messages that they want to learn web design, development, and many more. It’s really difficult to guide them one by one. So I thought to do something to help our people. Here are some of the services we provide at a very low cost. My team always tries to give better support to our customers because we want to work for our people.

FWBD IT Courses

We provide IT courses at a very low cost to help our people who want to build their career in IT industry. We always make sure to give them technical support if they face any technical difficulties. It's our pleasure to help our students.

Web Development

Our creative people are doing something new every day. We believe they need a small website to showcase their product online to get more customers. We offer a professional business website to our new entrepreneurs at a very low cost.

Future WP

Future WP is a global website to help people who want to learn WordPress. We create content about learning WordPress from scratch, fixing bugs & errors, security & performance as well as we write reviews of popular WordPress products.

Ads Agency BD

We provide digital marketing consultant services (Facebook Ad, Google Ad, SEO etc) over the World through Ads Agency BD. 100+ businesses already trusted us and satisfied with our service.

amar Study

amarStudy.com is a non-profit organization to helps our students with detailed information. We've already written a lot of academic content that helps our students. Besides, we have a huge number of quizzes for our students for free.

Health Desk bd

Health Desk BD is also a non-profit organization to helps our people. Most of our people are not aware of their health. It's our small attempt to help them by writing health-related articles.


Higher Education BD is a Non-Profit Organization run by us. We provide valuable content for the students who try to get admitted overseas as well as in Bangladesh.


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